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Life Annuities

An alternative investment for retirement income is Life Annuity; your funds are invested with a government approved Life Insurance company who agree to pay you an income. Annuities have helped millions of people prepare for retirement, but because there are different types with different purposes. There are two types of annuities tax deferred annuities and the income annuities. Tax deferred Annuities let you save more money after you have even maxed out contributions to 401ks and IRAs. While Income Annuities provide immediate guaranteed stream of income in retirement in exchange for a lump sum of money.

Annuities are available in fixed rates and adjustable interest rates, fixed rate annuities will allow clients to secure a competitive interest rate for a specific amount of time. Clients can do this by purchasing a CD type of annuity, with this type of annuity clients will enjoy benefits of tax deferred savings. When the client is ready to withdraw the money, then the savings will be taxed. While fixed rate annuities will guarantee that the client will not run out of savings before their life ends, when the client dies then the client may name a beneficiary to claim the deceased’s remaining funds.

Maturity lengths are different with the annuities, the longer the money remains the annuity, the higher the interest rate. Example a 10-year annuity will yield a 4.1 percent interest rate, or a 7-year annuity will yield a 4 percent interest rate. While a 1 year annuity will yield a lower interest rate at 1.6 percent, the client is guaranteed the specified interest rate if the money is held until the end of the surrender term.

At Max Value Insurance Group we are dedicate to find you the life annuities that you need the most we work with other companies to give you the best annuities, even if its fixed or tax deferred.

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